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Enter the world of Virtual reality, a three-dimensional and computer-generated environment where you can explore, play, interact, create and discover – nearly without limits. For different industries, the use of virtual reality can lead to dramatic cost reductions, as well as highly improved efficiency in product development. Risk reduction, profound insights, testing possibilities and better decisions are other results – why wait?

Virtual prototyping

In the process of product development, virtual prototyping can validate a design before deciding to make a physical prototype. This is done by creating (usually 3D) computer generated geometrical shapes (parts) and combining them into an “assembly”, testing different mechanical motions, fitting and function.

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Real-time rendering

A sub-field of computer graphics focused on producing and analyzing images in real time is called real-time rendering. Mostly, this refers to interactive 3D computer graphics. “Rendering” in computer graphics means the creation of an image from a description of a scene or model.

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360° Experience

Using 360 or the first-person perspective videos with Virtual Reality headset gives the most immersive experience the user could have today. It could be also the great marketing tool for various industries. With advanced sound effects and video editing, we can deliver you the intense and unforgettable experience.

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VR interactive training simulator

Various types of skills can be acquired using a VR interactive training simulator, and it can be used in almost any industry. On one hand, this may contribute to giving employees specialized practice in a certain area. On the other hand, the use of a VR training simulator can be versatile and educate individuals in the work of sectors as a whole.

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VR for construction

Using VR technology gives the construction industry a series of benefits. Besides the financial aspect, it can improve both the planning process, contribute to higher efficiency and be used as a marketing tool. Building information modeling files create a virtual environment, rendering offset images to each eye and creating a stereoscopic and immersive 3D environment for the user.

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VR for construction


Expand it to another level

Multiplayer version

Gives user oportunity to use same project with someone from other side of the world.

VR headsets

Works with HTC VIVE and OCULUS RIFT and other upcoming  PC headsets.

Desktop version

Works on Desktop version for ones who don`t have acces to VR.


Can be used with multiple accesories (vive tracker, VR gloves, walking treadmill and etc.)

Innovative VR accesories

There are many companies developing various types of VR accessories to make Virtual Reality even more real

VIVE tracker

Allows to track and use real objects in virtual reality. Can be attached to any tool or hardware for tracking it in VR environment

A haptic suit

Also known as tactile suit, gaming suit or haptic vest – a wearable device which is not only tracking the movement of your body but also provides haptic feedback to the body


Gives you an opportunity to feel objects you touch or when you pick them up


Enables to move around spaces and walk unlimited distances

Take a look at the SPERRE
cooler rack DEMO in VR

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